Don’t worry Mr. Dixon, I’m coming!

Short story, done! One of the key stories I am submitting in January is complete! I am well into another story  that I would also like to submit around the same time. Drum roll…this means, I will have plenty of time for revisions and the liberty of catching up on The Walking Dead (Hence, The Walking Dead title)! *Air high five

I tried to delve into a longer writing project this weekend but ended up writing three shorter pieces instead (Over 13,000 words in four days). The stories were challenging and I am learning from each writing experience. This is what I want to do so I am happy to see some growth. At this point,  I am going to let writing take me where it wants to go. If I happen to commit to a longer writing project, great! If not, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished this week. Keeping this pace is a win in my book (the one I haven’t written yet).

I received my first rejection letter over the weekend for a short story I submitted at the beginning of the month. I read about facing rejection as a writer and it prepared me for…absolutely nothing but knowing everyone faces it. It was a tough pill to swallow. However, now that I have overcome wanting to curl up in a fetal position, I can say I’m ready to move on. I am confident that my time will come. I would have never been considered at all if I hadn’t taken the leap of faith to submit. As a newly aspiring writer, I am happy that I took the chance and I am going to keep working towards becoming published.

Right now, the goals are to keep writing, connect with both experienced & aspiring writers, and read every single day. I also plan on attending a few book readings in December. Watching someone read their work, holding their book in front of them, will motivate me to keep going no matter what. Embrace the rejections, embrace the victories, and keep writing because I LOVE it!

Happy Sunday!







Can someone please call the word whisperers?

Dear writing session, thank you for coming through for me today.  The goal was set for 600 words. Not only did I exceed that goal by 559 words, totaling a whopping 1159 unexpected words, I did it when I least expected it. I was able to outline the entire story as well as my next writing project. Yes friends, I needed this. This successful writing session could not have come at a better time.

Based on the way things are going, I will complete this story by tomorrow night (probably very, very late).  The story will be finished and I will move on to my next writing project by Thursday morning. I plan on taking advantage of the four days I’m off this week.

Note to self: No, you cannot catch up on The Walking Dead until Sunday night.

I am dedicating lots of time to write this week. I hope the word whisperers have mercy and hear my cry for lots of words. I am sure steam will be rushing to escape my fried brain very soon.  In case you’re wondering, yes, it will be that intense. I have set a pretty big goal for the weekend but will only share if I am able to reach it!

While writing today, I fought the habit to edit as I go. I will probably think I am the biggest moron on the entire planet when I look at it again but I realize these feelings are common for this method. I would like to finish the story and take a few days without looking at it in hopes to come back with a clear mind. I am confident the revisions will be more effective.

Tonight…if I write another word…poof.

Talk soon!





Setting the scene.

Headphones are in, playing sounds of a raging river in the background. I’m writing a scene where a man is looking out of his kitchen window, at a river behind his house, and recording the moment into his memory. He sips his coffee and takes in the scenic view before heading outside to his greenhouse.

I need to feel like I am there beside him, looking out at the water traveling east to west, and put that image into words. The reader needs to see the sun peeking behind the trees as it slowly rises high above the clouds. He or she needs to feel inspired, the way the character feels, as he takes in the beauty around him.

How does it work? How do you write your story and capture or convey all of the emotions and senses to the reader?

I like to set the scene. No, not that one. The scene around me, the mood,  anything that will help me genuinely write from a raw POV. I need to look at the water, hear the water, picture a place that gives me the emotions he is supposed to feel in that very moment. My creativity is stimulated by fully immersing myself into my character’s emotions (a pro and con).

What type of writing environments help you create your best work?


Read, Write, and Prosper!

Next two short story deadlines are in January & February of 2017!

I’m looking forward to these submissions and I am going to take advantage of the time I have to write them. The last story I submitted was written rather quickly. I didn’t have as much time to edit as I would have liked. Having more time will give me the opportunity to ensure that I am submitting my best work and nothing less.

I recently started a longer writing project but I am struggling with the direction of the story. The subject is quite intense, with two divisive opinions, and I am trying to keep a neutral narrative tone. However, as I write, the story keeps swaying to one side. I refuse to write this story unless it remains neutral. I’m not abandoning this project but I am going to put it on hold for now and give it some thought. I may change a few things around in order to make it work.

So here we are, thinking about our next submission date.

I’m ready to write! For the next couple of months, I am going to focus on two short stories and continue to strengthen the outline of my current writing project. The goal is to keep writing. Period. I’ve set some time out tonight to work on the first short story outline which is due early January. Tonight, please think creative, happy, publish worthy thoughts, and send them my way!

Read, Write, and Prosper!







Are they among us?

Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies have always been a hit or miss for me. More misses than hits but I realize there is a logical explanation as to why. Reasons besides low budgets, terrible actors and movie scripts. Before your spoiler alert neurons start telling you to stop reading, please note, I will not be posting any spoilers for the movies referenced below. *Cough, everyone dies. Just kidding.

While I have always found the possibility of life outside of the Earth’s sphere interesting, this interest has rarely transcended into movie choices. Cheesy aliens with big eyes, big heads, 4 ft, with green bodies have never been my preference. When movies become too “science-y” and yes there is such a thing, something in my brain shuts down. Quantum Physics, Black holes, and Mankowski Continuum (Thank you google), cause my short attention span to run the other way.

Well I should say it was the case…until a few years ago. Movies like Avatar, Star Wars, Star Trek, Gravity, Interstellar, The Martian, and Arrival have changed my mind. I love these movies. I know some of the movies listed above are on the Sci Fi/Fantasy line. I spent months reading books about planets and species from Star Wars. I am looking forward to seeing Rogue One next month. Last year, Chris and I waited in the rain for two hours just to see The Force Awakens.#MayTheForceBeWithYou

Gravity really hit home in regards to the speck of dust (speak for yourself) we are in relation to the universe. The Martian doesn’t really count. Matt Damon plays a charismatic (sorry Chris) sarcastically funny character. If like my former self, you hate scientific terms, you would give this one a pass. Interstellar talked about dimensions but in a way that I understood. I really enjoyed it!

We went to the movies last night to see the newest “science-y” release, Arrival. Popcorn and reclining seats for the win! The movie has a strong focus on language. The study of linguistics is thoroughly impressive and I never realized how much there is to break down. I’ve found this interesting before in movies such as The Interpreter and Nell (There are many others). I plan on reading Ted Chiang’s short story Story of Your Life this week along with the rest of the world! Have you seen it?

I can proudly say I welcome science. The more the better. Now, I have to go back and watch movies like Close encounters of the third kind, A Space Odyssey, Apollo 13, Blade Runner etc. Any other recommendations?





Please, tell me about this thing they call “Weekend”?

weekendI have a bad habit (or good habit depending on who you talk to) of planning all of my weekend activities by Wednesday. Plan after plan, event after event, the weeks never seem to end! I keep telling myself that ONE day I am going to wake up, walk over to my couch, glue myself to my seat and do nothing but watch mindless TV. I will sip on the same cup of coffee for hours and use the force to get the remote from the entertainment stand. Ahh, the life of a dreamer.

Truth is, I love keeping busy but I think it’s time to try out this R&R thing and see what it’s all about. Just not this weekend… I’ve got plans!

How about you? Any plans this weekend? I’d love to hear from you!

To write or not to write? There is no question!


Hello everyone! I am looking forward to writing later today. These last few days have been productive and I want to keep the momentum going. There is nothing better than doing what you love! Hope you all are reaching your goals! Happy writing, Happy goal reaching!

I thought I would be published overnight. (Just kidding)

Chilly temps are making an appearance! I reached for a thick robe this morning to fight the rude awakening. Talk about making an entrance!

Last week, I submitted a short story to a literary magazine. I worked on it for some time and felt confident with the final product. It’s the first piece I’ve ever submitted. I’ve read about the publishing process and it’s tough out there! This particular magazine likes to feature writers who have yet to be published but it doesn’t mean that I’m automatically in. My grandmother subscribed to every magazine on the planet and I would rush to find the short stories featured in each issue. One day, hopefully in the near future, I will hand her a magazine to read, and my story will be there! I am also working on a short novel which I also hope to publish someday. Until then, I am writing away, reading nonstop, and working towards strengthening my writing!

I reached out to a local author last week for an insiders perspective. His tips were very helpful and he sent along references that I am sure will help me in the long run! The goal is to become an even stronger writer than yesterday (too deep for 8am?). Very nicely, he tried to explain that I shouldn’t expect to become an overnight sensation or an instant Hemingway or J.K Rowling, or James Patterson. Often times, newly aspiring writers deeply believe their first book will become the most successful book on the market. While some people do become successful off of their first book, it’s not common, not easy, and the work behind it is not always known. The author said you end up giving away the same amount of books you sell and spend lots of time marketing the book trying to get people to actually read it. As you continue to grow, your writing becomes better! I’ve looked at manuscripts I’ve written years ago and my writing has grown by leaps and bounds!

He was not trying to deter me by any means. In fact, he shared tons of resources that would teach me about the publishing process! As I read his email, I knew that although on the surface it appeared discouraging, there was a strong positive underlying message. The message was to write because you love it FIRST.

I am writing because I love it!

**BUT if I become the next J.K Rowling, I’d be happy with that too!





To all of my imaginary friends

My seven year old daughter recently wrote a four page story during a short daily writing block at school. After a few weeks, she was able to complete a full story. She brought it home for me to read and it melted my heart to say the least!

  • First and foremost, she wrote it for me. Boy, oh boy, how the melting commenced!
  • Members of our family were used as characters
  • Personalized experiences from her own life were included in the story
  • The story was well thought out and developed. She even had a nice subplot!

She wanted the story to be special. After reading it, it was obvious using the word special would be an understatement.

I remember writing stories as a child. My grandmother was proud of everything I ever wrote. Children my age were starting to lose their imaginations and she wanted me to enjoy being a kid. She is a great story teller and still tells stories using the clouds as props to anyone who is willing to listen. Lions and tigers and clouds, oh my!

As the technological apocalypse continues, I can see even more pressure to flee farther away from this beautiful imaginary space. I love technology but cons cannot be denied. Busy lives, tragic events, and rapid maturity are robbing our children of their imaginations. I mean, seriously, I fed an imaginary horse in my backyard with mud and grass for the longest time! This morning, we played with stuffed animals and acted out an entire script. I loved having that experience with her.

I want my daughter to experience that joy. My husband and I often have paint nights and photography walks where  we just let our creativity go. Her and I also blog together on our family blog so that she can write about those memories. There was no assignment at school to write a story yet she welcomed the opportunity to use her imagination to develop a fun and engaging story. I am hoping she holds on to that forever!

What are some of your most creative memories from childhood? Did anyone tell you to keep using your imagination?

24 hours minus 30 minutes and what do we have here?

I set aside thirty minutes this morning to get some writing done. I woke up to less than motivating bitter darkness! Although I hate waking up and feeling like it’s still night time, I could use the extra hour of sleep this weekend. Until then, coffee has been my dearest friend.

I wrote 400 words. Not much, but I was happy with it. I was able to jump start my next writing project and set a nice tone. My goal is to set aside one hour each morning. I am going to stick to an hour a day until then. Guess that means I’ll be right back in this seat as soon as I get home from work!

Hello writing routine, here I come!