My seven year old daughter recently wrote a four page story during a short daily writing block at school. After a few weeks, she was able to complete a full story. She brought it home for me to read and it melted my heart to say the least!

  • First and foremost, she wrote it for me. Boy, oh boy, how the melting commenced!
  • Members of our family were used as characters
  • Personalized experiences from her own life were included in the story
  • The story was well thought out and developed. She even had a nice subplot!

She wanted the story to be special. After reading it, it was obvious using the word special would be an understatement.

I remember writing stories as a child. My grandmother was proud of everything I ever wrote. Children my age were starting to lose their imaginations and she wanted me to enjoy being a kid. She is a great story teller and still tells stories using the clouds as props to anyone who is willing to listen. Lions and tigers and clouds, oh my!

As the technological apocalypse continues, I can see even more pressure to flee farther away from this beautiful imaginary space. I love technology but cons cannot be denied. Busy lives, tragic events, and rapid maturity are robbing our children of their imaginations. I mean, seriously, I fed an imaginary horse in my backyard with mud and grass for the longest time! This morning, we played with stuffed animals and acted out an entire script. I loved having that experience with her.

I want my daughter to experience that joy. My husband and I often have paint nights and photography walks where  we just let our creativity go. Her and I also blog together on our family blog so that she can write about those memories. There was no assignment at school to write a story yet she welcomed the opportunity to use her imagination to develop a fun and engaging story. I am hoping she holds on to that forever!

What are some of your most creative memories from childhood? Did anyone tell you to keep using your imagination?


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