Chilly temps are making an appearance! I reached for a thick robe this morning to fight the rude awakening. Talk about making an entrance!

Last week, I submitted a short story to a literary magazine. I worked on it for some time and felt confident with the final product. It’s the first piece I’ve ever submitted. I’ve read about the publishing process and it’s tough out there! This particular magazine likes to feature writers who have yet to be published but it doesn’t mean that I’m automatically in. My grandmother subscribed to every magazine on the planet and I would rush to find the short stories featured in each issue. One day, hopefully in the near future, I will hand her a magazine to read, and my story will be there! I am also working on a short novel which I also hope to publish someday. Until then, I am writing away, reading nonstop, and working towards strengthening my writing!

I reached out to a local author last week for an insiders perspective. His tips were very helpful and he sent along references that I am sure will help me in the long run! The goal is to become an even stronger writer than yesterday (too deep for 8am?). Very nicely, he tried to explain that I shouldn’t expect to become an overnight sensation or an instant Hemingway or J.K Rowling, or James Patterson. Often times, newly aspiring writers deeply believe their first book will become the most successful book on the market. While some people do become successful off of their first book, it’s not common, not easy, and the work behind it is not always known. The author said you end up giving away the same amount of books you sell and spend lots of time marketing the book trying to get people to actually read it. As you continue to grow, your writing becomes better! I’ve looked at manuscripts I’ve written years ago and my writing has grown by leaps and bounds!

He was not trying to deter me by any means. In fact, he shared tons of resources that would teach me about the publishing process! As I read his email, I knew that although on the surface it appeared discouraging, there was a strong positive underlying message. The message was to write because you love it FIRST.

I am writing because I love it!

**BUT if I become the next J.K Rowling, I’d be happy with that too!






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