Headphones are in, playing sounds of a raging river in the background. I’m writing a scene where a man is looking out of his kitchen window, at a river behind his house, and recording the moment into his memory. He sips his coffee and takes in the scenic view before heading outside to his greenhouse.

I need to feel like I am there beside him, looking out at the water traveling east to west, and put that image into words. The reader needs to see the sun peeking behind the trees as it slowly rises high above the clouds. He or she needs to feel inspired, the way the character feels, as he takes in the beauty around him.

How does it work? How do you write your story and capture or convey all of the emotions and senses to the reader?

I like to set the scene. No, not that one. The scene around me, the mood,  anything that will help me genuinely write from a raw POV. I need to look at the water, hear the water, picture a place that gives me the emotions he is supposed to feel in that very moment. My creativity is stimulated by fully immersing myself into my character’s emotions (a pro and con).

What type of writing environments help you create your best work?



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