Dear writing session, thank you for coming through for me today.  The goal was set for 600 words. Not only did I exceed that goal by 559 words, totaling a whopping 1159 unexpected words, I did it when I least expected it. I was able to outline the entire story as well as my next writing project. Yes friends, I needed this. This successful writing session could not have come at a better time.

Based on the way things are going, I will complete this story by tomorrow night (probably very, very late).  The story will be finished and I will move on to my next writing project by Thursday morning. I plan on taking advantage of the four days I’m off this week.

Note to self: No, you cannot catch up on The Walking Dead until Sunday night.

I am dedicating lots of time to write this week. I hope the word whisperers have mercy and hear my cry for lots of words. I am sure steam will be rushing to escape my fried brain very soon.  In case you’re wondering, yes, it will be that intense. I have set a pretty big goal for the weekend but will only share if I am able to reach it!

While writing today, I fought the habit to edit as I go. I will probably think I am the biggest moron on the entire planet when I look at it again but I realize these feelings are common for this method. I would like to finish the story and take a few days without looking at it in hopes to come back with a clear mind. I am confident the revisions will be more effective.

Tonight…if I write another word…poof.

Talk soon!






2 thoughts on “Can someone please call the word whisperers?

  1. May I offer a word of caution? Forget word count, it has little meaning. Julia Cameron always counseled the individual to write two pages in the morning. Somerset Maugham always thought the morning wasted if he wrote less than 750 words each morning. But it was never about the number of pages or the number of words that count. It’s the act of writing and that act consists of creating a story or stories. Even if you are writing non fiction you are telling a story. You know, a good text book on any subject, if it is worth it’s salt, tells a story about the facts and theories it seeks to explain. In fiction we make up our own facts and theories and it tends to be a little harder to tell a good story. Out themes only provide a guide and not an outline or set of instructions. The moral of my little story is aim to tell a story no matter how many or few words it may take. Let WordPress count the words, you tell the story.

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  2. I love this. Thanks for the feedback! There are so many examples of great writers who share their routines. It all boils down to personal preference. Until you find what works for you, you have to experiment! I’ve tried sticking to a word count to keep me in my darn chair, page count, and just scheduling time to write. So far, there’s no happy medium. I wouldn’t advise any of those things to another writer to become more productive. I would just say keep writing. Either I bang out tons of words and work through a story or I get through one sentence that stares at me for an hour. I have no exact formula other than the commitment to the stories in my head and the readers I’d like to inspire.

    I completely agree with you about just telling the story. Such a true statement and a great lesson to keep in mind. Right now, I’m trying to just find when, where, and what keeps me writing so that it in whatever way, I do just that.


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