Short story, done! One of the key stories I am submitting in January is complete! I am well into another story  that I would also like to submit around the same time. Drum roll…this means, I will have plenty of time for revisions and the liberty of catching up on The Walking Dead (Hence, The Walking Dead title)! *Air high five

I tried to delve into a longer writing project this weekend but ended up writing three shorter pieces instead (Over 13,000 words in four days). The stories were challenging and I am learning from each writing experience. This is what I want to do so I am happy to see some growth. At this point,  I am going to let writing take me where it wants to go. If I happen to commit to a longer writing project, great! If not, I am happy with what I’ve accomplished this week. Keeping this pace is a win in my book (the one I haven’t written yet).

I received my first rejection letter over the weekend for a short story I submitted at the beginning of the month. I read about facing rejection as a writer and it prepared me for…absolutely nothing but knowing everyone faces it. It was a tough pill to swallow. However, now that I have overcome wanting to curl up in a fetal position, I can say I’m ready to move on. I am confident that my time will come. I would have never been considered at all if I hadn’t taken the leap of faith to submit. As a newly aspiring writer, I am happy that I took the chance and I am going to keep working towards becoming published.

Right now, the goals are to keep writing, connect with both experienced & aspiring writers, and read every single day. I also plan on attending a few book readings in December. Watching someone read their work, holding their book in front of them, will motivate me to keep going no matter what. Embrace the rejections, embrace the victories, and keep writing because I LOVE it!

Happy Sunday!







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