My husband recently designated a special writing area in our house as a gift! Major brownie points. I am beyond inspired and now it’s time to craft up some fun decorative ideas to keep things going! I have always wanted an office or a writing space to call my own and here it is! So far, this is what I’ve got!


Quotes from the experts. I am still adding to this. If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave them below!


A brainstorming board where I can create outlines, plots, and useless drawings to get me through a rough writing session.


Picked up a couple of books yesterday! Pair some good reads with popcorn and coffee and you’ve got yourself a welcoming ceremony.

A work in progress but it will grow over time.  The most exciting part is that it’s mine. I don’t have to quiet down or wear headphones. I don’t have to dress like a human. Free snacks. I always get a chair. I don’t have to leave mid-chapter or during an important scene.  I can adjust the thermostat. I can scream vibrant profanities when I accidentally delete content during revisions.

So here I am, playing The Upside Down radio on Pandora, in a room full of quotes, working towards a dream! What are some of your dreams and what keeps them fresh in your mind?








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