To jot down or not to jot down? Lately, I’ve been writing one story after another without much time in between. I’m grateful for this. It’s the only way I’ll get better and in the end we all want to perfect our craft and tell the best story possible. My mind has been racing with outlines and ideas. Now if only these little piggies could catch up! Hey, I’ll take it.

I’ve heard many experienced writers give their take on the best way to store an idea. Some advise you to jot down anything and everything as it can always serve you later. This takes some discipline. You have to learn how to prioritize your writing projects and identify which ideas are worth pursuing. Once you have a bit of experience, I imagine, this becomes far less difficult. You get to know your own style. Also, if you read regularly, you can quickly gauge what’s working and what’s not.


Other writers, such as Stephen King, advise a more organic process.


He has said that at times he can let an idea sit in his mind for an upward of nine months! I understand his reasoning behind good ideas sticking around. Sometimes you have a strong idea in your mind that just won’t leave until it’s on paper. I love these kinds of ideas. These are the scenes, the characters, the storylines I picture clearly as I write them. I connect emotionally, I see them, I feel for their struggles and celebrate their victories. This is a connection I hope never ceases to exist!

What are your thoughts on ideas? Is there a process you recommend? Feel free to comment below!

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