Follow your heart.

Two hours and one sentence later…….




She’ll be in a better place soon.

I noticed it recently. Her reflexes were delayed. She didn’t connect with the world as fast as she used to. I tried watching her for a while, cleaning her up to see if she had too much baggage built up over time. Nothing has helped. Can the dell update I’ve avoided this week bring her back to life? It is scheduled for this afternoon.


I have been doing tons of research over the last few months because I know the day will come. Though my laptop (Sheila) hasn’t died, I know she’ll be in a better place soon. I’ll need a replacement.

Top must haves:

  • Light
  • Messenger bag friendly
  • Lots of memory
  • Quick


Let’s hope for the best and wish her a speedy recovery. I’ll need her for a few more weeks until I reach a decision. There are a couple of submission deadlines I need to meet by the end of the month!