Hey peeps, we’ve reached 2017. Is racism still a problem? Hell yeah. If you cannot understand why, keep reading.

We are living in a world where the same image people imitate, people die over. White? Wear a hoodie and listen to trap music = you’re cool.

Black? Wear a hoodie and listen to trap music = how about you die because:

-You can’t breathe

-You didn’t say you had a gun license

-You made a mistake and deserve death

-You didn’t announce you were in a specific area unannounced and were allegedly trying to scare people with the color of your skin

Yes, it’s a problem. Does this hit home? Good, it should. People are dying and my brothers, my husband, and other relatives could become the next hashtag. A huge population is included in the injustices people of color face. White privilege is a thing. Though, it shouldn’t be a thing to hate white people for. Don’t respond with hate. We should stand with those who stand with us and say they reject this privilege. We all deserve the rights to live free of these biases.

Do you have a relative of color who is at risk of discrimination because of the color of their skin? No? Could you sympathize with this fear? After all, this fear is universal. Power is abused.

Reject both “in your face” and subtle racism. Know your rights. Seek support. Know you’re not alone and people are fighting with you.

Interested in the impact we can have in solidarity? I’ll be sharing local events and examples in future posts in a series titled “Don’t be a part of the problem”

Are you a part of the problem? Tune into our upcoming weekly series highlighting subtle conscious/unconscious bias.

Next post: The next post will highlight conversations I’ve had with my eight year old. What she doesn’t know but I’ve had to tell her….

All love,









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