The movie introduces a family of seven who live in a remote part of the mountains. Collectively, they share different views of health, happiness, and the ways of life. The film challenges the viewer’s thoughts on proper parenting and what contributes to the long term success of a child. The family goes on an unexpected journey where they reevaluate how they live and compare it to that of others. What is considered an unfathomable way of living to some is what they value most.

Does that make it right? Is their lifestyle appropriate? What is home? All questions you may ask yourself as you watch the film.

The children are highly educated but lack social skills. Some of the film’s characters argue that these skills are key to surviving in the “real world”, where they are forced to face real problems. The father teaches them to embrace a natural lifestyle, participate in rigorous physical activity, and stick to an intense learning schedule. All in all, the children are brilliant human beings but is it too much?

The encounters with modern civilization allow the children to compare all they’ve ever known with what they’ll make of the outside world. Common themes such as visible health, food, and greed of the wealthy are intently highlighted in different parts of the film. Was it a bit dramatic at times? Yes. However, morbid obesity, greed, and narrow minds are a thing.

I appreciated the film and the focus on what makes a family, love. Different walks of life call for variety in what’s served at dinner, recreation, and the beliefs of the afterlife. There are multiple “rights” and they should be celebrated as the elements that make each family unique. Takeaways were to keep an open mind and learn from others. The experience of learning from someone else’s lifestyle may add significant value to your life. Share some of your valued family traditions below!


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